Rear Valance + Exhaust Ends Imitation Audi A6 C8 S-Line – Gloss Black

Код: AU-A6-C8-SLINE-RS1G+RS1RG+BLACK Категория:


fits: Audi A6 C8 S-Line 2018 –

Attention !
Please be advised that the set consists of rear valance and the exhaust tips imitation.
Exhaust tims are immtitation only and are for visual effect only.



The offer of the Polish brand, Maxton Design, is abundant with sprauncy and modernized optical vehicle tuning. The company has an advanced factory at its disposal, and it is there were durable spoilers, bumpers, side skirts, diffusers, and splitters are made. Tuning fans will certainly be interested in original accessories, as well. These include wings, frames for lights, and eyebrows. The mentioned elements allow you to alter the visuals of your machine while also enhancing its aerodynamics. In the production processes of the Maxton Design components only the best materials are used, ones with proper certificates. With Audi A6 C8 S-Line in mind this rear valance with exhaust ends imitation was created. The product has an interesting design and is delivered fit to be installed right away.

Why should you take interest in the Audi A6 C8 S-Line rear valance with exhaust ends imitation?
– it?s got a UV-repelling coating
– it?s resistant to moisture
– it comes in a variety of surface finishes
– requires no painting

This rear valance with exhaust ends imitation for Audi A6 C8 S-Line was made with the use of great-quality ABS. The material is often used in the automotive industry and it is very well-suited in the manufacturing of tuning and other primary vehicle bodywork elements. ABS is defined by high elasticity and durability. It does not wear off from mechanical and chemical damage and it is not susceptible to the influence of atmospheric conditions. This Maxton Design rear valance has been given the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification for its quality. The element is also coated with a layer protecting it against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

The Audi A6 C8 S-Line rear valance with exhaust ends imitation stands apart with imaginative design. The product will lower the position of the coachwork thanks to which the car will gain more racing-like features. The valance is comprised of exhaust imitation that is available in 2 colors: black or silver. It also comes in 3 distinct surface looks: textured, gloss, or carbon.


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