Side Skirts Audi R8 Mk.1

Код: AU-R8-1-S1A Категория:


fits: Audi R8 2006 – 2015



If you are searching for the highest-flair reversible visual tuning elements, you are a person that the Maxton Design offer is addressed. We specialize in the manufacturing of cutting-edge spoilers, side skirts, splitters, and bumpers. Generally, everything you might require to strikingly equips your vehicle and improve its looks, as well as, aerodynamics. A good portion of our selections are products dedicated to Audi R8 MK.1. Among such products, there are these unusual ABS-made side skirts.

Why should you pick the Audi R8 MK.1 side skirts?

– they are made of sturdy materials
– they do not need to be painted
– come ready to be installed
– they’re very presentable
– they’re great supplements for other tuning components

The installation of tuning elements like side skirts is a great way to spice up the looks of the car. That is why these 06-15 side skirts are dedicated to Audi R8 MK.1. Thanks to these your car will look even better than before, which will, undoubtedly, increase the enjoyment from using it. The products have an innovative design that will surely grab the attention of even the most demanding sports cars lovers. Any Audi R8 equipped with these side skirts will stand out on the streets. The material they are made of does not require painting so the product you receive is ready for installation.

The Audi R8 MK.1 06-15 side skirts are manufactured from ABS. The material used by Maxton Design has received the TUV certificate and is provided by renowned European suppliers. ABS is flexible, strong, and resistant to moisture and extremes of temperature. These features make it exceptionally suitable for manufacturing optical tuning components and standard vehicle equipment, alike.


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