Side Skirts Diffusers Audi A6 C7 – Carbon look

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fits: Audi A6 C7 2011-2014



Maxton Design is a known and respected supplier of great-quality reversible optical tuning components. In the brand’s robust line-up there are many interesting products with the aid of which you will perform tuning all by yourself and make your vehicle more stylish and stable at the same time. Meant for the installation in Audi A6 C7 are these cutting-edge side skirts diffusers. These small elements significantly contribute to the machine’s racing aesthetic. They lower the bodywork optically which is the main reason the racing-like style is brought forth after their mounting.

Why is the purchase of the Audi A6 C7 side skirts diffusers worth it?

– they’re simple to install
– they’re accessible in a variety of surface looks
– they won’t become deformed from the influence of moisture or extreme temperatures
– they constitute a neat supplementation for tuning performed with a front splitter

If you have been planning to get advanced side skirts diffusers for your Audi A6 C7, the elements proposed by Maxton Design will surely be the right choice. They are produced from durable and elastic ABS plastic which is known and eagerly applied in the automotive industry. Out of this useful material, not only visual tuning parts but also staple vehicle outfitting elements are made. The ABS employed in the Maxton Design factories has been given the TUV quality certificate.

The installation of these splashy side skirts diffusers will undoubtedly enhance the presentation of your Audi A6 C7. Thanks to these tuning components your vehicle will look like a real sports car in a matter of moments. Additionally, you get to chose one of the 3 available surface finish types for your products: carbon, gloss, or textured. A perfect supplementation for these diffusers would be a front or rear splitter, perhaps even both! We are assured that any Audi A6 C7 equipped in such a way will draw the looks of all reversible optical tuning enthusiasts, and in turn, you will be pleased to drive an innovatively outfitted car of a great presentation.


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