SIDE SKIRTS DIFFUSERS Audi A6 C7 S-line/ S6 C7 Facelift – Carbon look

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Audi A6 S-line C7 Facelift 2014-2017
Audi S6 C7 Facelift 2015-2017



Have you been planning to perform some sprauncy visual tuning? Are you looking for premium-grade elements thanks to which your vehicle’s looks will be renewed? If that is the case, the Maxton Design assortment is right for you. In the exceptionally robust line-up of this Polish provider, you will find cutting-edge spoilers, splitters, bumpers, and side skirts. All of these items are made of high-quality materials and you can rest assured that you are choosing the best components on the market to originally refresh your vehicle. In the Maxton Design offer, there are also optical tuning parts dedicated to Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL. One of such products is these side skirts diffusers.

Why is the decision to purchase these Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL side skirts diffusers a good one?

– they enhance the car aesthetically
– they’re produced from lasting materials
– they’re available in 3 versions of surface look
– they come ready for mounting

The installation of the side skirts diffusers for Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL will result in a significant alteration of your machine’s appearance. Thanks to their use the suspension will be optically lowered which in turn contributes to a more racing character. These items show a simplified, but unique design. They come in 3 kinds of surface finish: carbon, gloss, or textured. Each of these structures looks stylish in their original forms and require no additional painting. This way you get to pick the one that accentuates the style of your Audi in the way you like best.

The eye-catching Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL side skirts diffusers are ABS-made elements. The material is commonly applied in the automotive industry and serves well in the production of tuning parts, and basic car outfitting. It is characterized by durability, flexibility, and resilience to moisture and temperature. The ABS used in the manufacturing of Maxton Design components comes from known and respectable European suppliers. What’s more, it has been granted the TUV certification for its exceptional flair. By choosing tuning equipment by this Polish brand you are making the right move that will lead to your Audi being neatly spiced up.


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