Side Skirts Diffusers Audi A8 D4 – Carbon look

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fits: Audi A8 D4 2009- 2013



In the line of goods of Maxton Design, there are premium-quality side skirts diffusers for Audi A8 D4. They are elements that let you alter the looks of your car quickly, but significantly. They also constitute an efficient way of visually changing your vehicle. It does not take much money to enjoy the modernized version of your machine. Side skirts diffusers contribute to a racing look and can be installed easily.

Why should you choose the Audi A8 D4 side skirts diffusers by Maxton Design?

– they’re made of high-grade ABS
– they’re well-suited to be installed by yourself
– they have received the TUV certification
– come in 3 surface finish versions
– ensure aesthetic appearance

The Audi A8 D4 side skirts diffusers offered by Maxton Design are a top-quality product manufactured from ABS. It is a material that thanks to its properties is very often used in the automotive industry. ABS is characterized by relatively high flexibility and toughness. It can be used in the production of bumpers, dashboards, finish elements, or lights casing.

These side skirts diffusers can be easily installed on your own. The mounting stripes that you can also get with your product are meant to ensure ease of installation. The decorative stripes come in 2 color variants: white and red, and let you fully personalize the new look of your car.

This model has 3 surface finishes available. They are: textured, gloss, or carbon. Each of these is striking and looks very modern which all the enthusiasts of unique solutions will surely appreciate. The installation of these side skirts diffusers will make your vehicle look like an elegant sports car.

The innovative Audi A8 D4 side skirts diffusers are a great idea for a quick and eye-catching refreshment for your car. The vehicle gains a racing silhouette thanks to the optical effect of lowering the bodywork that can be seen in sports cars. You can make it a permanent solution, however, the side skirts diffusers can also be removed easily at any time if you wish to change the appearance of your car, again.


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