Side skirts Diffusers Audi Q8 S-line – Gloss black

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fits: Audi Q8 S-line 2018



The Maxton Design selection contains great many advanced and good-looking visual tuning components. We are among the leaders o the world?s market and our goods are enjoyed by tuning enthusiasts all across the globe. We specialize in designing and manufacturing interesting side skirts, spoilers, diffusers, bumpers, and splitters. The listed parts help you maintain good looks and aerodynamics of your vehicle. Among our goods you can find elements meant for numerous brands and models. Specially for Audi Q8 S-LINE we have created the side skirts diffusers. They come ready to be installed and to spice up the style of your car.

Why should you decide to get these side skirts diffusers for Audi Q8 S-LINE?

– they have different surface finish options
– they?re UV-protected
– their structure is modernized
– they aren?t vulnerable to moisture
– they have been TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified

In the process of manufacturing of the Audi Q8 S-LINE side skirts diffusers we utilized ABS plastic. The material was created especially for usage in the automotive industry, and is well-suited for production of tuning components and other basic car equipment. ABS resists the harmful influence of extreme weather conditions exceptionally, and is elastic and tough, to boot. It does not wear off from mechanical and chemical damage. The side skirts diffusers from out offer are protected from the damaging influence of UV radiation. They have been TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified. They are shipped with a mounting kit included.

The side skirts diffisers for Audi Q8 S-LINE sport an innovative and unique design. They lower the bodywork visually, resulting in a more racing look of the vehicle. The diffusers are a slick addition to front and rear tuning elements ? together they underline the visual fidelity of the vehicle. You can get them with decorative stripes, red or white, too. The diffusers also have 3 possible surface finishes to choose from: textured, gloss, or carbon.


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