Side Skirts Diffusers Audi RS4 B7 – Gloss black

Код: AU-RS4-B7-SD1G Категория:


fits: Audi RS4 B7 2006 – 2008



Maxton Design is a company renown all over the world and specializes in the production of optical vehicle tuning parts. The producer is focused on high-end side skirts, splitters, diffusers, bumpers, and spoilers especially. The listed items allow you to take care of looks and aerodynamics of your car at the same time. The more demanding automotive fans will undoubtedly be interested in unique tuning accessories such as wings, eyebrows, and frames for lights. These components fit several well-liked vehicle brands. The owners of Audi RS4 B7 will surely take interest in these aesthetic side skirts diffusers that are delivered fit for mounting and exhibit an out-of-the-box design.

How do the Audi RS4 B7 side skirts diffusers stand out?

– they?re accessible in 3 version of surface finish
– they aren?t susceptible to moisture
– they have received the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate
– they renew the car?s looks
– they need no additional painting

The side skirts diffusers for Audi RS4 B7 fall into the broad group of ABS-made elements. The material stands apart with very high flexibility and sturdiness. It does not succumb to the harmful influence of atmospheric conditions and is not vulnerable to mechanical and chemical damage. ABS is employed in the manufacturing of numerous automotive products including tuning parts and other staple vehicle outfitting. The Audi RS4 B7 side skirts diffusers are topped with a layer protecting from the damaging effects of UV radiation.

These side skirts diffusers dedicated to Audi RS4 B7 are slick items thanks to which the position of the bodywork is visually lower. This makes the car look even more like an eye-catching sports car that draws the attention of lovers of modern tuning. The diffusers will bring the tuning of rear and front sides together and create a whole that is coherent and stylish. To go along with your products you can also have red or white decorative stripes in addition to your choice of surface look: textured, gloss, or carbon.


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