Код: AU-S4-B5-SD1G Категория:


fits: AUDI S4 B5 1997 – 2001



Installing side skirts diffusers constitutes a quick and easy way to have your vehicle’s appearance refreshed. Their mounting is very simple. What is important is that the Maxton Design side skirts diffusers are components that do not have to be painted and possess a UV-repelling coating. Thanks to that they are much more long-lasting and you get to enjoy a perfectly outfitted machine with imaginative tuning. Among the Polish producer’s products, there are these slick side skirts diffusers for Audi S4 B5. They stand out with a very unique design and come in a variety of surface looks.

Why are the Audi S4 B5 side skirts diffusers worth getting?

– they have the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification
– they’re produced from lasting material
– they improve the visuals of the car
– they’re available in a selection of surface structures

The side skirts diffusers for Audi S4 B5 are parts in the manufacturing of which ABS was employed. It is an innovative material that is characterized by sturdiness, flexibility, and resilience to moisture. Thanks to such properties ABS is among the materials that see the most common usage in the automotive industry. Not only high-end tuning elements but another vehicle outfitting, as well is made of it.

The Audi S4 B5 side skirts diffusers are highly aesthetic products that contribute to your vehicle’s modernized racing appearance. They cause the coachwork to be visually lower which makes your machine look completely fresh. The mounting of side skirts diffusers perfectly supplements tuning created with a front splitter, spoiler, or rear side splitters. To accentuate the aesthetics of your tuning even further you can pick one of the available surfaces looks: carbon, gloss, or textured. The Maxton Design offer is targeted at everyone who owns an Audi S4 B5 and cares about aesthetic appearance and high quality equally. If that describes you we guarantee that our robust line of goods will be to your liking.


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