Side Skirts Diffusers Audi S5 / A5 / A5 S-Line 8T / 8T FL Sportback – Carbon look

Код: AU-A5-1F-SLINE-SB-SD1C Категория:


Audi S5 8T / 8T FL Sportback 2007-2016
Audi A5 S-Line 8T / 8T FL Sportback 2007-2016
Audi A5 8T / 8T FL Sportback 2007-2016



To create some eye-catching visual tuning for your Audi S5/A5/A5 S-Line 8T/8T FL you will assuredly need innovative side skirts diffusers. The products offered by Maxton Design are characterized by high resistance to damage and durability. Choosing these will result not just in a visual improvement, but also increased satisfaction and comfort of use for you.

Why should you give the Audi S5/A5/A5 S-Line 8T/8T FL side skirts diffusers a try?

– their design is unique
– they’re made of high-quality materials
– they’re fit for installation by oneself
– they don’t need painting
– they fit models produced 2011-2016

Maxton Design is a company known for the production of high-end tuning parts and the inventive side skirts diffusers for Audi S5/A5/A5 S-Line 8T/8T FL are no exception. They are manufactured from TUV certified ABS. The material possesses many qualities that make it perfect not only for producing reversible tuning elements but basic car equipment, to boot. ABS is an elastic, lasting, and durable material. Purchasing Maxton Design items you are always guaranteed that your machine will receive a slick overhaul and you will enjoy the increased comfort of driving your spiced-up race-like vehicle.

With the aid of the innovative Audi S5/A5/A5 S-Line 8T/8T FL side skirts diffusers, you will refresh the presentation of your car in a matter of moments. To achieve tuning that is entirely personalized you can pick one of 3 possible surface looks: textured, carbon, or gloss. Additionally, in the Maxton Design store, you can find white and red decorative stripes.


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