Side Skirts Diffusers Audi S8 D4 FL – Gloss black

Код: AU-S8-D4-SD1G Категория:


fits: Audi S8 D4 Facelift 2015-2017



Mounting of side skirts diffusers is a great idea if you want to easily and swiftly transform the appearance of your car. If you want aesthetic and durable side skirts diffusers you should certainly have a look at the Maxton Design line of goods. We offer interesting splitters, spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers. With these products, you can take care of both the visuals and aerodynamics of your car at the same time. The Maxton Design components fit a broad range of models. The side skirts diffusers for Audi S8 D4 are especially worth the attention.

Why are the Audi S8 D4 side skirts diffusers worth considering?

– they’re made of ABS plastic
– they have UV protection
– they need no painting
– come in a variety of surface finishes
– sport an innovative design

Side skirts diffusers for Audi S8 D4 have mainly visual use. Thanks to them the bodywork of the vehicle is optically lower allowing for that sharp racing look. Side skirts diffusers bring front and rear tuning elements together. For your tuning to be fully personalized you also get to choose from available surface looks which are: carbon, textured, or gloss. Each of these looks stunning so that there is no need for painting before installation.

The Audi S8 D4 side skirts diffusers are made of advanced ABS which is sturdy, flexible, and not vulnerable to the damaging influence of the weather. It is because of these characteristics that ABS is so well-suited for the production of optical tuning elements and standard vehicle equipment components, alike. If you consider yourself a fastidious enthusiast of tuning who appreciates both premium quality and modern shape the Maxton Design line of goodwill assuredly be of interest to you.


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