Side Skirts Diffusers Audi TT RS 8S – Textured

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fits: Audi TT RS 8S 2016



If you wish to take care of your car’s aerodynamics, you should pick the high-flair products by Maxton Design. The company is among the biggest competitors in the world’s market and offers visual tuning components for many different vehicle brands. Automotive enthusiasts will assuredly find an abundance of interesting side skirts, diffusers, bumpers, spoilers, and splitters. The proposed parts spice up the visuals and positively affect aerodynamics. The Audi TT RS 8S owners will definitely be interested in these curious side skirts diffusers that alter the looks of your car swiftly as they are delivered ready for immediate use.

What is unusual about the Audi TT RS 8S side skirts diffusers?

– they sport a modernized shape
– they’re resistant to moisture
– they’re protected from UV radiation
– have been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification
– come in a variety of surface structures looks

In the production process of these Audi TT RS 8S side skirts diffusers, high-quality ABS was utilized. The material was conceived with the automotive industry in mind and it is TUV certified. It is extraordinarily flexible and durable. ABS does not wear off under the influence of extreme temperatures, or moisture. Hence why it is so broadly employed in the production of tuning components and other staple vehicle outfitting parts. The Maxton Design side skirts diffusers have additional protection in the form of a special coating that secures them from harmful UV radiation. The elements have also been rewarded with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate.

The mounting of side skirts diffusers is an effective way to overhaul the looks of any vehicle. They cause visual lowering of the coachwork resulting in a racing style. Side skirts diffusers bring front and rear tuning together thanks to which the entirety receives a coherent and innovative visual. To further underline your side skirts diffusers you can also get, red or white, decorative stripes, and your choice of surface structure finish: textured, gloss, or carbon.


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