Side Skirts Splitters Audi SQ7 / Q7 S-Line Mk.2 – Carbon look

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Audi SQ7 Mk.2 2016-2019
Audi Q7 S-Line Mk.2 2015-2019



Installing side skirts diffusers is a quick and easy way to refresh your vehicle. In the rich Maxton Design selection, there are high-grade elements to spice it up. These are chiefly splitters, spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers. To manufacture these parts the best and most advanced materials available on the market are used. They stand out with their toughness and resistance to damage. The side skirts diffusers that we would like to recommend are dedicated to Audi SQ7 MK2.

Why is it worth it to decide to purchase the Audi SQ7 MK2 side skirts diffusers?

– improves the looks of the vehicle
– they’re made of high-quality materials
– they have UV protection
– do not need painting
– available in several surface finishes

The Maxton Design side skirts diffusers for Audi SQ7 MK2 are produced from ABS. It is very popular in the automotive industry and is employed in the manufacturing of visual tuning parts and other car equipment. It stands out with high damage resistance, flexibility, and sturdiness. Maxton Design is a company known for the production of high flair visual tuning components. Each and every product undergoes an additional quality control to ensure that any products defective in even the slightest way are eliminated.

The Audi SQ7 MK2 side skirts diffusers optically lower the bodywork of the car. This results in the vehicle having more of a racing appearance which will undoubtedly affect the comfort of its use. These side skirts diffusers stand out with their out-of-the-box design and constitute a great tie-up for front and rear tuning. These Maxton Design side skirts diffusers come in gloss, carbon, or textured surface looks. They all look stylish in their original form and allow you to perform the tuning that will underlie the character of your Audi SQ7 MK2 best.


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