Spoiler Audi A6 C5 Avant

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fits : Audi A6 C5 Avant version 1997 – 2004


Maxton Design known and respectable a producer of advanced optical tuning parts. In our assortment there are unique side skirts, bumpers, spoilers, and splitters. These elements fit vehicles of a variety of brands, production dates, and models. Among them you will find many interesting components dedicated to Audi. To perform some inventive tuning on your Audi A6 C5 you will surely make use of this roof spoiler meant for the Avant version of the car.

Why is it worth it to but the Audi A6 C5 Avant spoiler?
– fits all models made 1997-2004
– it?s produced from durable materials
– noticeably bolsters aerodynamics
– improves the overall visuals of the car
– it?s very presentable

In the manufacturing of this spoiler for Audi A6 C5 Avant we utilized fiberglass. The material applied by Maxton Design is TUV certified which speaks for its high flair. Fiberglass is very often used in the production of tuning parts and staple vehicle equipment. It is due to its properties such as elasticity, durability, and resistance to high and low temperatures, and moisture.

The installation of this Audi A6 C5 Avant spoiler is a great way to better your machine?s aerodynamics. Its role is to increase the pressure on the rear axle which in turn boosts traction and stability. This way you can enjoy your vehicle?s aesthetic presentation and driving comfort under any conditions. Your Audi A6 C5 Avant outfitted in such a way will look slick and will draw the looks of every enthusiast of high-quality reversible optical tuning. When choosing the Maxton Design items you can rest assured that your money goes towards high-grade products that will last you a long time while remaining good-looking and functional all throughout.


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