Spoiler Cap Audi A4 / A4 S-Line B8 / B8 FL Sedan – Carbon look

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Audi A4 B8 / B8 FL 2008-2015
Audi A4 S-Line B8 / B8 FL 2008-2015



Maxton Design is one of the more prominent world’s producers of high-grade visual tuning elements. If you are searching for tuning dedicated to Audi A4/A4 S-Line B8/B8 FL Sedan you will, no doubt, find exactly what you need in the Maxton Design store. The component that is worth even more attention is this spoiler cap meant fr models produced 2008-2015.

Why is the Audi A4/A4 S-Line B8/B8 FL Sedan spoiler cap worth your time?

– it considerably betters aerodynamics
– it exhibits an imaginative design
– comes with instructions and a mounting kit included
– doesn’t require painting
– it’s highly durable

This innovative spoiler cap for Audi A4/A4 S-Line B8/B8 FL Sedan is a part that with its installation brings not on a visual upgrade, but a notable aerodynamics boost, too. The cap increases the pressure exerted on the rear axle of the car which results in enhanced stability and traction. The effect is felt mainly during high-velocity driving. This sprauncy spoiler cap adds to the vehicle’s racing character and fleshes out its visual qualities. We are sure that this Audi A4/A4 S-Line B8/B8 FL Sedan spoiler cap will satisfy all the enthusiasts of tuning and beautiful cars.

In the manufacturing of this spoiler cap for Audi A4/A4 S-Line B8/B8 FL Sedan high-grade ABS was applied. It sees a broad usage in the automotive industry and it is one of the better materials for the production of advanced tuning parts and vehicle equipment. When making up your mind to get this spoiler cap you can also choose from 3 types of surface looks: textured, gloss, or carbon. It is also equipped with double-sided tape for easy installation.


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