Spoiler Cap Audi A4 B8 / B8 FL Avant – Textured

Код: AU-A4-B8-AV-CAP1T Категория:


fits: AUDI A4 B8/B8 FACELIFT AVANT 2008-2015



To uniquely spice up your Audi A4 B8/B8 FL Avant you should only ever invest in high-quality parts. It is best to choose the ones that also look stylish. Maxton Design is a specialist when it comes to the production of such elements. The high-grade materials used to make our splitters, spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers make them highly durable and slick. With their aid, you will be able to not only decorate your vehicle but also positively affect its aerodynamics. This advanced spoiler cap for Audi A4 B8/B8 FL Avant certainly deserves a moment of your time.

How does the Audi A4 B8/B8 FL Avant spoiler cap stand apart?

– it’s manufactured from sturdy ABS
– requires no painting
– it constitutes a great addition to other tuning elements
– it’s easy to mount
– has a selection of surface looks

This splashy spoiler cap for Audi A4 B8/B8 FL Avant is a component in the making of which ABS plastic was used. This material is one of the most popular ones in the automotive industry and with its help not only reversible tuning parts but also staple car outfitting is produced. ABS is defined by durability, damage resistance, and elasticity. The spoiler cap comes in 3 different surface finishes: carbon, textured, gloss. This way you can perform showy tuning that underlines the character of your machine in an interesting way.

The Audi A4 B8/B8 FL Avant allows for the stability and traction of the vehicle to be enhanced. It also constitutes a quick and easy way to alter the machine’s looks and accentuate its unique racing-like character. Picking Maxton Design components is a very good decision that results in your own pleasure that our high-quality presentable tuning elements provide.


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