Spoiler Cap Audi A5 S-Line F5 Coupe – Textured

Код: AU-A5-2-SLINE-CAP1T Категория:


fits: Audi A5 S-Line F5 Coupe 2016




Maxton Design is a producer of high-end optical car tuning recognized in the local and world markets. The brand offers components that can be installed in nearly 40 different brands of vehicles and many of their models and production dates. Among the most popular there are elements dedicated to Audi. These are chiefly front and rear splitters, spoilers, and side skirts. To be installed in Audi A5 S-Line F5 Coupe this modern spoiler cap was conceived. It is produced from high-grade materials characterized by moisture resistance, extreme temperatures, and scratching.

Why is the Audi A5 S-Line F5 Coupe spoiler cap by Maxton Design worth choosing?

– it comes ready for mounting
– it includes double-sided tape
– it’s a great supplementation for other tuning parts dedicated to this model
– doesn’t require painting
– it’s available in a variety of surface structures

This cutting-edge spoiler cap for Audi A5 S-Line F5 Coupe is among the visual tuning components in the production of which durable ABS plastic was employed. The material utilized by Maxton Design has received the TUV certification which is a guarantee of its high quality and safety of use. It will not deform under the influence of temperature and moisture. Hence why it is so well-suited for the production of both, tuning parts, and elementary vehicle equipment elements, too.


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