Spoiler Cap Audi R8 Mk.1 – Textured

Код: AU-R8-1-CAP1T Категория:


fits: Audi R8 2006 – 2015



Maxton Design is a known and renowned supplier of the highest flair of optical tuning components with stand-out innovative designs. Our offer is targeted at those interested in sports cars and unusual tuning. If you are looking for Audi R8 MK.1 parts, all the items that might interest you are available in the Maxton Design line-up. One of such elements is this attention-grabbing spoiler cap.

Why is it worth it to consider purchasing the Audi R8 MK.1 spoiler cap?

– it has a modernized design
– looks striking as is
– available it 3 varieties of surface look
– boosts traction
– underlines the vehicle’s racing edge

The ABS used to manufacture Maxton Design components is among the high-quality materials on the market. This eye-catching spoiler cap for Audi R8 MK.1 is made exactly of such ABS. It is characterized by its flexibility, durability, and resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures. These are why ABS works so well in the production of not only reversible tuning parts but also standard vehicle equipment. Our ABS is TUV certified and supplied by renowned European providers. Thanks to all this you can rest assured that the components you purchase are truly the best on the market.

The 06-15 spoiler cap for Audi R8 MK.1 is a striking element you can neatly decorate your car with. It adds even more edge to the racing character of the Audi R8 MK.1 in addition to improving traction at high velocities. The cap is equipped with double-sided tape for ease and precision of installation. To make your visual tuning as personalized as possible, you can also choose from 3 differing surface finishes: carbon, gloss, textured. Each option looks exceptional as-is and does not require to be painted. We encourage you to look into the entire Maxton Design assortment.


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