SPOILER CAP Audi RS5 Mk1 (8T) Facelift – Carbon look

Код: AU-RS5-1F-CAP1C Категория:


fits: Audi RS5 8T / 8T Facelift 2010-2016



Finding the right visual tuning components is never an easy task. It does not have to be this way, however. To equip your car aesthetically and practically you ought to choose precisely crafted parts and ones that stand out with imaginative designs. These are the features of reversible optical tuning elements by Maxton Design. Those of you that happen to own an Audi RS5 8T/8T FL will surely be interested in the selection of parts that we have prepared for this exact model. We would like to present to you this spoiler cap especially.

Why is this spoiler cap for Audi RS5 8T/8T FL worth choosing?

– it’s UV-protected
– comes with acrylic tape for ease of installation
– it’s ABS-made
– comes in a range of surface looks
– boosts traction

The Audi RS5 8T/8T FL is an element with the aid of which you can easily spice up the visuals of your vehicle. You can install it entirely by yourself thanks to the strong acrylic tape included allowing you to mount the product accurately. To make your tuning all the more individual you have 3 options of surface finish: gloss, carbon, or textured. Right before shipping, the carbon and gloss variations are wrapped in a protective film. The surface finish only covers the outer side of the cap. The remaining elements are matte.

To make this spoiler cap we utilized ABS. Its flair is ensured by the TUV certification that our material has been given. ABS is elastic, resistant to damage, and lasting material. These properties allow its vast usage in the manufacturing of optical tuning and basic vehicle outfitting. This Audi RS5 8T/8T FL spoiler cap is a component that notably betters traction the effect that can chiefly be felt at high velocities.


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