Spoiler Cap Audi S6 / A6 S-Line C7 / C7 FL Avant – Textured

Код: AU-A6-C7-SLINE-AV-CAP1T Категория:


fits: Audi S6 C7/C7 Facelift Avant 2012-2017

Audi A6 S-Line C7/C7 Facelift Avant 2011-2017



The Maxton Design offer is targeted at all of the tuning fans who value the flawless quality of production and unique design. The company is at the leading edge of the world’s market and offers equipment dedicated to an array of different car brands. The Maxton Design line of goods includes many modern and stylish spoilers, diffusers, side skirts, splitters, and bumpers. The mentioned elements help to refresh the vehicle’s looks and boost its aerodynamics at the same time. To be mounted on Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7-C7 FL Avant this interesting spoiler cap is meant. It exhibits an imaginative design and comes ready for use.

Why is it worth it to decide to get the Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7-C7 FL Avant spoiler cap?

– it enhances aerodynamics
– it’s covered with a UV-repelling layer
– it’s delivered fit for installation
– it’s accessible in a number of surface structures

This spoiler cap for Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7-C7 FL Avant is made with the use of cutting-edge ABS plastic. The material is defined by sturdiness, resilience to damage, and flexibility. It sees an extremely broad usage in the automotive industry and works ideally in the manufacturing of optical tuning parts and other staple elements of car bodywork. This Maxton Design spoiler cap has been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate as an affirmation of its premium flair. The product is topped with a coating that protects it against UV radiation.

The Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7-C7 FL Avant stands apart with its imaginative design. It has a shape of a small cap that is mounted with the use of double-sided tape placed on the inner side of the element. This spoiler will spice up the character of your machine and will also bolster its aerodynamics. Thanks to the installation of this product the airflow around the coachwork will exert more pressure on the rear axle and in doing so boost the car?s traction. The cap comes in textured, gloss, and carbon surface structure varieties.


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