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fits: Audi A4 B5 saloon version 1994 – 2000


Maxton Design is known and renown all over the world as a manufacturer of high-end reversible optical tuning. In our well-equipped factories, we produce interesting elements with the aid of which you will alter the visuals of your car and boost its aerodynamics very quickly. In our line-up, you will find, among other things, tuning parts dedicated to Audi A4 B5. One of such items is this tailgate spoiler.

Why is the Audi A4 B5 spoiler without a spotlight worth taking interest in?

– it transforms the looks and character of your car
– it’s made of durable materials
– it fits models produced 1994-2000
– it’s resistant to moisture and deformation
– it sports a unique design

The advanced tailgate spoiler for Audi A4 B5 is manufactured from exceptionally sturdy and flexible fiberglass. This material has a vast application in the production of car outfitting and tuning, alike. Fiberglass is insusceptible to moisture and does not become deformed under the influence of extreme temperatures. Thanks to the usage of high-flair materials you are guaranteed to get tuning parts that will last you a long time remaining presentable all throughout. Installing a spoiler without a spotlight in your Audi A4 B5 is a great idea if you are looking for stylish tuning at a reasonable price.

Maxton Design does not offer only ready-made reversible tuning elements. The advanced technology that is available to this Polish manufacturer allows for the production of high-end tuning, vehicle outfitting, and even custom parts.


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