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fits: Audi A4 B5 saloon version 1994 – 2000


Maxton Design is a manufacturer that has been functioning for many years now and focuses on the production of great-quality reversible visual tuning parts. Among the elements proposed by this Polish producer, there are those dedicated to Audi A4 B5. Especially attention-worthy is this eye-catching window spoiler that fits models made 1994-2000.

Why is the purchase of the Audi A4 B5 window spoiler by Maxton Design worth it?

– it exhibits an imaginative design
– enhances the car visually
– it’s not vulnerable to extreme temperatures
– it’s fiberglass-made

This window spoiler for Audi A4 B5 is a swift and simple solution for stylish vehicle tuning. Aided by this component your machine will receive more of a racing look in a matter of moments. Window spoilers affect aerodynamics in a notable way. They cause the airflow present during driving to exert more pressure on the rear axle which directly betters stability and traction. This can be felt mainly at high speeds.

The slick Audi A4 B5 window spoiler is an element that will surely be appealing to every enthusiast of high-grade optical tuning parts. It displays a simplified design that is exceptionally presentable and allows you to perform tuning of your car all by yourself. These and many other tuning items for Audi A4 B5 can be found in the robust Maxton Design line-up.


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